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Single license

One license that enables you to use the software on one computer. This license is for this version and future updates. Once payment is recieved, a downloadlink will be provided to download the software.Please understand that this might take a day,due to different time zones.( I know automation of the buying process, is work in progress) Also, make sure that you provide a valid email address. Buying the software means you are buying it as is. That includes possible bugs. The software is under constant development so if you have any question, requests or bug reports, feel free to send me an email using the contact form on the website.

Price TBT (USD)

Try before buy download

You can download a trial version with limited functionality here.

You can try all features but the database is limited to 10 entries.


Download free Trial version


Quick View

Took a quick look your file while browsing true your project! The file preview window will let you preview all common picture formats, including pdf files.

Sound Player

Using the build in sound player you can quickly play your backing tracks and other MP3 files.

Scan, Find and Index

Automatically scan directories of your choice for file types you want. You 're in control of what to index.

File Management

Manage your files by using the build in tree view explorer. Label, Rename, Move or copy files to your likings.

File Tagger

Add comments and extra file / track info to your indexed files.

Mp3 TAG reader

If your mp3 files has V2 tags and/or cover art, the software will detect it and show it to you.


Our staff of develpers have a hearth in music. It was their energy that resulted in this great product

Mark Donners


Electronic Engineer by day Musician by night and develper by hearth

Eva Roldan


Teacher by day, singer by night.


The basic needs for an organized orchestra

About JAZZnotes

Jazznotes is not only software to catalog your Music related files but it is much more. You will be able to scan for Music related files on your hard drive. ( mp3, wav, img, pdf and others) You can add comments to the entries in your catalog. The software is able to retrieve mp3 v2 Tag info. It copies them to the file properties and you will be able to edit these properties. (Future update releases might make it possible to actually update the mp3 tags.) The files can be archived in different categories. All categories and entries will be shown in a nice tree view. You can edit these tree notes to your likings and you will be able to move it entries around even copy them to other tree nodes. Not only will you be able to preview your favorite note sheet, but you wil be able to play the backing track using the same software (if available). You can use your catalog to actually modify your files and you will be able to choice if you want to change the original filenames/location or simply make a copy.

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